Job Description:

The duties of the Senior Business and Financial Operations Specialist (Senior UiPath Specialist) include, but are not limited to, assisting the CG-834 staff with:

• Design, build, test and deploy desktop or server/ cloud hosted automations in UiPath

• Experience with data integration processes, tools performance and scalability assessment

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with experience in documenting best practices and step by step troubleshooting guidance

• Conduct business process and requirements analysis and advise clients on key architectural decisions concerning the platform and the supporting technologies

• Lead, build, test, and deliver intelligent automation solutions using industry leading vendor technologies, specifically UiPath

• Produce technical architecture, develop system requirements, identify resources, and estimate timelines for project completion

• Develop new concepts and methodologies to improve people, procedures, and information technology solutions

• Assist in the scoping of prospective engagements, developing proposals, planning, logistics, and the execution of project management processes

• Understanding of SharePoint development processes, software, and tools

• CG Portal Software

• Other duties, tasks and projects as assigned

Experience Requirements:

• 10 years of experience

Desired Experience:

  • Coast Guard policies, systems, and procedures for automation

Certification Requirements:

Desired Certifications:

  • UiPath Automation Developer Professional
  • UiPath Automation developer – Specialized AI
  • UiPath Solution Architect
  • UiPath Business Analyst

Education Requirements: Master of Art /Master of Science Degree

Mandatory: Yes

Work Type:

OnSite - Washington, DC

Clearance Requirements:

Public Trust * If you hold a clearance, we will maintain your clearance status, regardless of the type you hold.