Job Description:

Aeyon seeks a dedicated Level IV Business Systems Analyst to ensure financial integrity, compliance, and operational effectiveness through rigorous financial management, audit response, internal controls evaluation, and policy development. This requirement will support the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics priorities for modernizing business processes to support an effective internal control program and improve external reporting requirements. This program is a centralized, nationwide program that is responsible for meeting the requirements outlined in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123 (OMB A-123), OMB Circular A-136 (OMB A-136), the Chief Financial Officer’s Act of 1990 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publications.

Key Responsibilities:

• Apply technical expertise and skills to implement business solutions. Level II individuals are directed to exercise core skills on projects, or they may direct small teams.

• Data Collection and Preliminary Analysis: Assist in collecting and performing preliminary analysis on financial data across various reporting areas, ensuring data accuracy and completeness.

• Support in Data Reconciliation: Participate in reconciling financial data to identify discrepancies. Assist in aligning internal records with external documentation to ensure data accuracy.

• Assist with Financial Reporting: Support the development of financial reports by providing accurate data inputs. Help in preparing detailed notes and disclosures under the guidance of senior analysts.

• Contribute to Variance Analysis: Assist in conducting variance analysis by compiling data and identifying significant deviations for further investigation by senior analysts.

• Support Internal Controls: Aid in implementing and monitoring financial reporting controls. Contribute to the identification and recommendation of process improvements.

• Preliminary Substantive Testing Support: Under supervision, assist in substantive testing of financial balances and transactions to ensure accuracy and completeness.

• Technological Tool Utilization: Utilize data analysis tools and software to streamline data collection and analysis processes. Support the innovation and enhancement of financial reporting through technology.

• Collaboration and Communication: Work collaboratively with financial and audit teams to support financial reporting processes. Assist in communicating findings and supporting documentation to stakeholders.

• Problem-solving: Excellent problem-solving abilities to design and implement solutions for data quality, integration, and analytics challenges.

• Experience supporting IT Development (SDLC - Technical documentation, requirements, design, testing, change management or deployment) or creating/maintaining databases or data and analytics experience (creation of data visualizations, data analytic reports, data cleansing scripts and processes or performing technical data analytics) for State or Federal Government agencies or large, complex companies (greater than 1,000) employees.

Experience Requirements:

Mandatory: Three (3) years of progressive, relevant experience.

Certification Requirements: None

Education Requirements:

Mandatory: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited United States college or university in a field of study relevant to his/her professional role.

Work Type:

Hybrid- Albany, GA

Clearance Requirements:

Active Secret Clearance is Required